• The study, promotion, preservation and restoration of traditional architectural and cultural heritage.
  • The improvement of the living conditions of the places where we work through the restoration of this heritage.
  • Training in traditional building techniques, especially in earth building techniques.
  • Increasing awareness about the value of traditional architecture.
  • Raising awareness to the value of this heritage as a driver for development.
  • Promoting responsible tourism.
Outline of the project


Terrachidia and the cooperation for development

What We Do

In southern Morocco, we find a place where the need to improve the living conditions of the local population and to value the traditional architecture are essential: the oasis of M'Hamid, in the province of Zagora (Souss-Massa Drâa).

Terrachidia proposes to collaborate in its projects in situ, participating with your effort and your work in the construction sites in order to restore the heritage of the oasis.

How We Do It

It is a methodology where all parts are beneficiaries of the project and where all contribute:

  • The local population provides construction knowledge to all workshop participants. In return, they receive the rehabilitation of the public spaces of their ksur.
  • Workshop participants are trained in traditional construction techniques. In return, they provide work and labor.


What We Do

Architectural and construction workshops as part of a training project based on restoring the local built heritage, improving living conditions and generating development in the villages of the M'Hamid Oasis (Morocco).

The workshops are developed in collaboration with different national and international educational institutions. People from different countries are involved.

How We Do It

We involve the local population and workshop participants, altogether in a heritage rehabilitation project.

Terrachidia and training


What We Do

Projects to restore public spaces and to improve the living conditions of traditional villages in southern Morocco.

How We Do It

With the help of local associations, with whom we collaborate in a continuous and close manner, we intervene and record the architectural heritage of the traditional villages, recovering public spaces and carrying out sanitation projects, all promoting local development projects.

Terrachidia and intervention projects


What We Do

Educational workshops that bring children, parents and teachers to another way of building and living. Workshops are held in primary and secondary schools.

How We Do It

Learning by doing. We talk about the different ways of inhabiting the world. We create ourselves constructive elements and build houses with earth, an element present in all countries.

Raise awareness towards heritage


What We Do

We work with students from different Spanish universities: mentoring and project development, monitoring works, documentation and research.

In addition, we participate in international conferences and seminars, where we present the results of the different initiatives in which we are involved.

How We Do It

We work with students to carry out their dissertations.

Terrachidia Association
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