Architecture and Social Innovation

We propose traditional architecture and the processes developed within it as a learning model in all of our lines of work:

  • Architecture Projects and Consulting
  • Training Projects

We work in places of great historical importance, where architecture is intimately linked to the landscape and whose recovery creates a strong social impact, and an opportunity for development for their inhabitants.

Since 2012, we have been working in Spain and North Africa, on different architectural and infrastructure projects, and training.

“Innovation occurs at the

intersection of cultures”


  • Study, promotion and recovery of traditional architecture and cultural heritage.
  • Improvement of living conditions in the populations in which we work, through intervention in said heritage.
  • Training in the traditional techniques of construction through practical workshops.
  • Raising awareness on the values inherent in traditional architecture, treating them as a tool for learning and development.
  • Promotion of responsible tourism and cultural diversity.


Terrachidia is respectful architecture, rooted in the territory, and an opportunity to return to the tangible and learn by doing.

We start with what is local, in a clear commitment to learn about the place and its culture, hand in hand with its people.

In all our projects we count on local construction masters, who have long-term experience in traditional architecture and its construction techniques, which are incorporated into and form an essential part of the project.