Consultancy for the valuation of the traditional architectural heritage of the Siwa Oasis, Egypt.

February 2018
Entity: LabOasis Foundation

The Siwa Oasis is located at the western end of Egypt, about 40km away from the border with Libya and about 300km away from the Mediterranean Sea, in the Sahara depression, about 12km below sea level.

Consisting of salt-water lakes that allow for the formation of “karshif”, blocks of salt and raw earth that, together with a mortar of salt and mud base called “tilaght”, is used as a form of brick in traditional construction.

Studies were conducted of the Oasis’ surroundings and its two historical centers, Shali and Aghurmi, dating from the 13th Century, and whose progressive abandonment is more than evident. Both traditional mosques were studied and visited, as well as the urban layout and the different types of traditional houses.

The different works of restoration and rehabilitation of traditional architecture that were being carried out in the settlement were analysed too.