What do we do?

We rehabilitate buildings and public spaces to improve the living conditions of traditional populations.

How do we do it?

We organize ourselves into different work groups and, along with the local population, we define and execute an architectural intervention project.

What do we learn?

Speaking of essential concepts in architecture and planning: territory; origins of the oasis; urban planning; configuration of public and private buildings; etc.

We learn how to interpret the evolution of buildings from the Stratigraphic Analysis and the Archaeology of Architecture. We work in the Materials Analysis Laboratory: proportions, additives granulometry, etc.

We learn the traditional techniques of construction:

  • Rammed earth
  • Adobes
  • Reeds and mud structures
  • Earthen finishings
  • Waterproof Moroccan plaster, Tadelakt


Terrachidia proposes to directly collaborate on its projects, onsite, participating in its efforts and construction work for the recuperation of the heritage and public spaces of different towns in Morocco.

It is a methodology where all of the agents are beneficiaries of the initiative and where everyone contributes:

  • The local population contributes their knowledge of construction to the workshop participants. In return, additional to the job opportunities in their traditional crafts, they benefit from the rehabilitation of the public spaces of the ksur.
  • The participants of the workshops receive training in construction techniques. In return, they provide their work and labor.


In addition to the technical training linked to architecture, the personal transformation experienced during the course of the workshop is undeniable.

We place special emphasis on cultural visits around the oasis, to its villages. We experience the work of the craftswomen cooperatives and we immerse ourselves in the cultural activities of the area: gastronomy, music, etc.

Diversity and intercultural dialogue are our hallmarks. Both reinforce human values and are the driving force and power of change behind the sustainable development of communities.